World's biggest apparel fair invites Sri Lanka
Daily Mirror - Sunday, January 26, 2003
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The Sri Lankan apparel exporters have got an excellent opportunity to participate at the world's largest apparel trade event ' Magic International' for the first time, its representative Hiran Jayasinghe said.

He said that the comprehensive apparel event is held in Las Vegas, USA and is attended by over 85,000 buyers from 110 countries and over 3,000 exhibitors participate in this event, from February 18 to 21st, 2003.

'Magic International' started in 1933 and is held twice a year. This is the first time Sri Lankans are taking part, he said.

Jayasinghe has been able to reserve 15 booths for Sri Lanka after promoting the country since 1999.

Sri Lanka would also have a pavilion in the neighbourhood of the exhibition for other industries related to apparel and fashion.

He added that China has secured 145 booths, India 48 and Bangladesh 14.

This is an ideal opportunity for local government exporters because only buyers and the top management of the companies are represented at this event and also over 90 per cent of buyers who visit the event are looking for new overseas suppliers, he mentioned.

He said that with the abolition of the quota system at the end of 2004, an estimated 40 per cent of employees in the garment sector will lose their jobs unless new buyers are found.

Mr. Jayasinghe also said that the American Embassy too, is promoting people to visit the magic international.


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