The World's Largest Apparel Trade Event

MAGIC International is the largest and most comprehensive Apparel Trade event in North America. Produced twice a year, in Las Vegas, USA, with More than 3,200 exhibitors could be found on the floor and the show drew more than 100,000 attendees, Occupying over 1 million square feet of the Las Vegas Convention Center, MAGIC delivered an enthusiastically-received, ideal business environment for the apparel industry, showcasing some of the most sought-after manufacturers in men's, women's and children's apparel from around the world in a new, easily-navigated show floor. The numbers are in and the winning equation is here: ONE city + ONE location = ONE MAGIC Marketplace with record results!

The world's largest apparel markets $173 billion + in sales.(NPD annual report FYE 2004)

2,700 branded wholesalers representing 5000 brands and 20,000 product lines.

1,000+ buyers representing 70% of the top 35 retailors in U.S.

International Business Center

MAGIC's newest marketplace was created to provide global manufacturers and contract suppliers the opportunity to meet qualified retail, private label and branded sourcing merchandisers in one location. With the increase expense and hassle of traveling,
MAGIC makes sense for both the buyer and the seller. Already MAGIC is beginning to see the participation of trade associations and manufacturers throughout China,
Korea, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Italy, India, Turkey, Hong Kong, Central America, Mexico, Canada, and more.

In addition to providing virtual storefronts for their international exhibitors, MAGIC has established an International Business Center. An extension of MAGIC's current meeting place, the I.B.C. will help facilitate transactions between companies.
Services include translation services, representatives from the U.S. Department of Commerce, and seminars on the environmental, human rights and importation issues
pertinent to the global marketplace.

Main Benefits that MAGIC can offer

The Sourcing Neighborhood is set-up to attract QUALIFIED private label buyers and branded merchandisers, delivering the largest apparel buying attendee base that is familiar with manufacturer minimums as well as the import / export process.

We have a Buyers Relations Department that meets face-to-face, with retailers and private label buyers all year long. In doing so, they are continually promoting our exhibitors to these buyers, as well as discovering new leads that an exhibitor may not even knows exists. MAGIC becomes a yearlong extension of an exhibitors
sales and marketing approach.

MAGIC will work with a company in targeting their top 150 prospects through a pre-show mailing, announcing their participation at the show. Again, this is a pro-active approach to help our customers market and sell to both their targets,
as well as new prospects.

We have an exhibitor base of over 4,000 companies that are receiving orders at the show. Most of these companies do not manufacture their products, but need to source them. Thus, MAGIC can provide a built in prospect base, making MAGIC a truly integrated apparel marketplace.

MAGIC does not occur just during the show hours. For those 4 days, it is a 24 hr opportunity to network and sell. 100,000+ apparel buyers come to Las Vegas to do business. Exhibitors will meet these buyers at lunch, in a cab, etc. No other apparel event
can create this type of concentrated environment.

We produce a post-show publication that continues to promote both the show and its exhibitors. This MAGIC Newsletter is sent to 40,000 of North America's top buyers. Because of its size and importance, MAGIC offers a first hand look at upcoming fashion trends and how these trends will affect manufacturing in the upcoming seasons. Where else can a contract manufacturer see the latest lines from major brands like Perry Ellis or Tommy Hilfiger as well as the newest fashions from up and coming designers, in one place, in just 4 days?

MAGIC Representation in Sri Lanka and Nepal

Talk to MAGIC exclusive representative in Sri Lanka and Nepal Hiran Jayasinghe to learn how to take advantage of this crucial opportunity.
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